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Scent Study: My Burberrry Blush

My Burberry Blush is the newest release from the My Burberry range. I recently picked it up during Woolworths’ 20% off on beauty products. This, I’ll have you know, was one of the few impulse purchases I have ever made. I sprayed a bit on my wrist, went for coffee, and came straight back and bought it. I have been wearing it for about a month straight and have yet to grow tired of it.

I truly do love the packaging of this scent. It’s so delicate and pretty and really did lure me in. It comes in a 30ml, 50ml or 100ml weighty glass bottle, and while I realise that this may make travelling with this perfume tedious, I feel that the practicality of the shape of the bottle makes up for it. The cap is a sturdy, rounded plastic one, with a pink tortoise-shell detailing that keeps with the rest of the My Burberry range. A pastel pink ribbon ties the packaging together beautifully.

This perfume is described as having top notes of lemon and pomegranate, middle notes of rose petals and green apple, and base notes of jasmine and wisteria. That’s’s take on it. My take? It’s a nice middle ground between floral and fruity. I do not particularly like rose scents, but the type of rose I can pick up in this perfume is more freshly-opened-roses-in-a-bunch-from-Woolies than stereotypical rose-hand-cream-in-your-aunt’s-bathroom. It has just enough sweetness to not really fall into the floral category, and just enough freshness to not be overwhelming.

My Burberry Blush is by no means a delicate scent, in the sense that it’s very strong, and does have a lot of staying power. I can see this not being everyone’s favourite for those very reasons. When I wake up the morning after wearing it, its smell is still quite apparent in my hair. For me, this is a massive plus, as I enjoy having my scarves and jerseys smell like my perfume, but it may be quite overpowering for those who are used to wearing more delicate scents.

This beautiful perfume is R1 190 for the 50ml option at Woolworths, which is quite standard for a designer fragrance.  The longevity of this is amazing, which, when coupled with the fact that I managed to get it on sale, made this purchase a bargain. It is definitely going to be my go to for summer, and maybe even a signature scent…

Have you tried any perfumes from the My Burberry range? What is your signature scent? And what do you think of scent reviews, do you find them helpful? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.


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