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Recently Raving About: Skincare

Skincare has become a much bigger part of my beauty routine than it ever used to be. During my time as a teenager, all those years ago, I was incredibly lucky to have spots that were few and far between. I did have a fairly oily T-zone though, so I did what most teenagers do and used the most harsh, abrasive, astringent products that the market had to offer in order to keep the oil at bay. During June of first year, I developed drier skin than I was used to, and ended up chemically burning my face in some areas after repeated use of my aggressive scrubs and toners. After that incident I decided to take my routine more seriously and skip the ‘teen’ area in the skincare aisle.

I have a sensitive, dry skin, and struggle with blackheads on my nose and chin, as those areas tend to get oiler as the day progresses. It’s for these reasons that I struggle when it comes to skincare. Products that are too thick or heavy cause me to break out a little, and leave me looking nice and sweaty by mid-morning. Whereas as products designed for oily skin either hurt my sensitive skin or bring on RAGINGLY flaky flares. Needless to say then, that I am pretty picky when it comes to things I put on my temperamental skin.

The products listed below have not only met my high standards, but have exceeded my expectations, and have left me recently raving about their results.

Avene Hydrance Optimale Hydrating Serum

I bought this after seeing Lechelle Taylor very hyped up about it on Instagram. She also used it in conjunction with her foundation to lighten the coverage and make her skin extra dewy, which is right up my alley. The product is probably a little expensive considering how quickly I go through it (R300 for a bottle, and I’ve gone through half of it in a month), but I really do enjoy it. Its moisturising without being oily or creamy, it leaves a sort of dried-gel-type-feeling on the skin, and soaks in completely, making it ideal for under foundation or a creamier moisturiser. I’ve noticed a definite improvement in how often my skin gets super dry, so this product is something I’ve been reaching for consistently.

Nivea Q10 Plus C Anti-wrinkle + Energy Skin Sleep Cream

This was another purchase I made based on the rave reviews of fellow beauty bloggers. This is one of my favourite products that I’ve tried recently, because it ACTUALLY does something in the anti-wrinkle department. Now I don’t have very substantial wrinkles at my tender age, but I have definite fine lines on my forehead that I feel have softened significantly since using this product every night. This thick cream goes quite a long way, so you don’t end up using very much per application, so for about R160, I will be repurchasing it again and again. The texture is smooth and the scent is pleasant, the only gripe I have about this is that there’s some weird pressure build-up because of the tubing material, which means it keeps pushing product out, even after you stop squeezing the tube, which makes closing the lid a tad messy.

Lush 9 to 5 Cleansing Lotion

Sometimes (most times) I am too lazy to remove my makeup and cleanse, tone and moisturise my face in the evening, so I combine all four of these steps by liberally applying this to my face and wiping off the excess with a cotton pad. It effectively removes the oils and makeup from my face, and leaves a nice creamy film on my skin. It’s mild, so even my skin is happy with consistent use, and I love the divine Lush-like scent. This travel friendly bottle makes it perfect for popping into a gym bag or makeup kit for a multipurpose product.

Nivea Cellular Anti-age Skin Rejuvenation Eye Cream

While I do understand that the dark circles under one’s eyes  depend on everything from genetics to diet, I do believe that you can take small cosmetic steps (like applying this eye cream) to improve their appearance. This product is a no-nonsense, affordable, quick-absorbing cream that allows me to see results after only a couple of uses. I like that it’s on the thinner side when it comes to consistency, which means that it doesn’t give me milia (white spots) around my eye area. Recently I’ve even been reaching for this over my Kiehls Creamy Eye Treatment, which is saying something.

Clean and Clear Blackhead Clearing Scrub

This was a scrub I recently repurchased after what I’m pretty sure was years of it being off the shelves, and it’s safe to say I love it just as much now as I did then. It’s a mild, cream based scrub with tiny microbeads that work wonders for blackheads. It is the only scrub I have ever come across that’s mild enough for daily use, but still works fantastically. It has a nice smell that matches the rest of the products in this Clean and Clear range, which I quite like. It’s less than R50 for a substantial tube that lasts forever, and can be found at both Clicks and Dischem.

I really enjoy discovering new skincare items, maybe even as much as I like trying out new makeup, so if you have any recommendations for me, I’d love to hear about your all-time favourite products, or things you’ve tried out lately that have left you impressed.



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