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Top Choices: International Youtubers

There are two types of Youtubers I follow, ones that I can learn day to day tips, tricks and looks from, and ones that I can watch in sheer amazement while they create beautiful and over the top full faces of makeup that I will never ever wear.  Watching the latter group is so therapeutic, and definitely what incited my love for makeup. While I have been watching Youtube makeup artists and influencers for years, I have only recently discovered the treasure trove of local Youtubers, so we’ll have to save those favourites for a later post.

Chloe Morello

Chloe is an Australian Youtuber with almost 2.5 million subscribers.  I started watching her way back when she still used to film tutorials while sitting on the edge of her bed, and now, she’s involved in collaborations with the likes of Revlon and Ciate. She’s also one of those women who are so naturally beautiful that while watching her makeup application, you can’t help but think that your attempt of the look would be significantly better if you started with a face like hers. She is the right amount of silly and casual, without being ditsy or giving off the impression that she no longer enjoys what she does, which is what I’ve found with a lot of other Youtubers that shot to stardom, they start acting like creating tutorials is a chore, or very beneath them. Her channel is great for practical applications of makeup, and easy wearable looks, she’s great with the way in which she explains her techniques and gives honest and helpful product descriptions.


Shannon Harris is another Youtuber that I have watched for ages. This artist is from New Zealand and is so down to earth and genuine. While her makeup looks are quite often a bit too adventurous for me, her channel is incredibly diverse in content, and she regularly posts in depth swatch videos, dress-up looks, skincare routines, PR unboxings and empties videos. She has over 3 million subscribers to her channel, and still acts the same as when I began watching her. She is also on the ball when it comes to uploading and keeps a regular schedule of new content throughout the week. It’s really impressive when you consider that she has her own line of cosmetics and brushes, XO Beauty, and has collaborated with BH Cosmetics twice to make signature eyeshadow palettes. Fun, informative and really committed to her viewers, she’s probably my number one on Youtube.

Jamie Genevieve

One of my more recent finds on Youtube was Jamie Genevieve’s channel. I came for the accent but stayed for her personality. This Scottish influencer only has a little over half a million subscribers, but is one of the best beauty gurus I follow. Her makeup style is typical ‘Instagram’, with loud highlight, bold brows and intense bronzing and contour. She places a huge emphasis on her skincare, so by watching her videos, I often hear about new and interesting products I then try and hunt down. Jamie, like most Youtubers, also vlogs a lot, which really helps me feel like I’m getting to know her. I like following beauty gurus on all their available social media profiles and keeping with whatever they post, it makes me feel like we’re friends (where the one doesn’t really know that the other on exists but still).

Samantha Ravandhal

Canadian Youtuer Samantha started out on a channel called Batalash Beauty where her looks were a lot more arty, this is where I started watching her before she renamed the channel after herself and started creating more ‘wearable’ looks.  I think that it’s because of her makeup artist roots that her current looks involve so colour and creativity, so when I feel adventurous I like looking at her videos for inspiration. With three quarters of a million followers and a MAC collaboration, she’s fast becoming one of the more popular artists on Youtube. She’s one of the rare Youtubers who I truly believe is 100% herself on camera. She swears here and there, gives blatantly honest reviews, and never gives the impression that she’s doing anything less than exactly what she wants.

Tanya Burr

Tanya Burr is a British Youtuber with over 3.7 MILLION followers. While I’d say her following is bigger because technically she’s a lifestyle Youtuber as opposed to just a beauty influencer, she incorporates all the aspects that I love about the industry, like hair and makeup tutorials, hauls and routines, with lifestyle posts like fashion and vlogs. She’s just one of those people who come across as so pure and genuine and positive. Watching her is such a pick me up, and seeing someone find so much enjoyment in her blogging was one of the things that really started me thinking about starting my own blog.

Who do you watch when you’re on Youtube? Please leave your suggestions for local Youtubers that you think I should check out, as that will be the next post (hopefully) that I will do in this category.


Disclaimer: All images used in this post were not taken by me and are not owned by me. All rights belong to original owners.

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