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Recently Raving About: Haircare

I’m not a hair person by any stretch of the imagination. I wash it, attempt to contain it and repeat. But lately I’ve been trying to make a little more of an effort, with my hair being short and all, as I imagined it would be easier to style. While I’m not sure that’s entirely true anymore, I have come across some products that I’ve really been enjoying with my shorter hair. My main problems with my hair is a lack of volume, as its fine and I wash it fairly often (every second day), as well as struggling with dry ends from old highlights and balayage that I’ve been growing out, so those are the themes that these products follow.

Batiste XXL Volume Spray (R71.95)

You know the starchy effect you get from dry shampoo? This gives that but on steroids. You need the tiniest spray here and there for your hair to have that gritty texture that makes styling easier. It even helps my loose hair look more put together when I’m not going to do anything further with it. The spray lasts forever, and considering how much you require, it’s a pretty good buy. Be careful not to overdo it though, your hair goes very gross and powdery and strange if you use the product like dry shampoo or hairspray.

L’Oréal Elvive Extraordinary Oil Curl Nourishment Masque (R89.95)

Now, while I’m sure that Amala oil has many fantastic properties that truly benefit your hair, making your tresses smell nice is not one of them. And unfortunately, at first whiff, you can be sure that this product has Amla oil in it for that very fact. It’s the first thing you notice when opening it, and it lingers for quite a while after your hair dries. Despite this though, I will repurchase this mask for how fantastic it is at moisturising my hair. It’s designed for people with “very dry/ curly/ afro hair”, and while I can’t attest for what it does to the latter two hair types, it has significantly improved how crispy my ends were.

Davines Oi Oil

From the level of the product in this bottle, you can tell I’ve been raving about this product longer than just recently. It is one of the only products I would describe as a ‘holy grail’ product for me. It is super luxurious feeling and has this beautiful classy cream soda smell (if that’s possible to imagine). I need one pump for the entire length of my hair, and use it after every wash, straight after brushing through my hair, and I then leave it to air dry. Davines is quite pricey BUT they are having a “buy two products and get 20% off” at the end of November for their Black Friday sale. If you’re considering investing in a hair product, you cannot go wrong with this.

John Frieda Luxurious Volume Root Booster (R115.95)

Keeping with the volume-lacking theme, I bought this in an attempt to bring some life to the crown area of my hair. I initially started spraying it onto my roots, in sections, after getting out of the shower, but I find it actually works quite well on dry hair too. It definitely improves how my hair dries and what it looks like loose, but the best results that I can get come after blow-drying. You unfortunately end up spraying quite a lot in order to cover all your roots, so I’m going through it pretty fast, but at just over R100, its definitely something worth repurchasing.

Aussie Frizz Miracle Shampoo and Conditioner (R69.95 each)

I’ve tried other Aussie shampoos and conditioners before but this has by far been my favourite. I notice such a difference in how my hair air dries after having used these together. The smell is really lovely and the shampoo lathers amazingly so the pair has been lasting well. My fly away hair bits are much less wild, and the ends of my hair are noticeably softer. I’m sure if they make their treatment in this range, but that is something I would really be interested in.

What recommendations do you have for volume-boosting and moisturising your hair? I’m torn as to whether I should grow my hair out and just let it be mermaid-y again, or cut it in a blunt off-the-shoulder-bob and give styling it another try. Thoughts?


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