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Scent Study: Daisy by Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs is the only brand of fragrances that produces guaranteed successes with every launch. There is not one of their scents that I do not enjoy, and that I don’t think most people would find generally pleasant. My signature scent is Dot by Marc Jacobs, and I had been looking to buy another from the brand for a while, so when Woolworths had their 20% off on beauty, I jumped at the chance to pick up this guy.

Like all Marc Jacob perfumes, the packaging is as impractical as it is beautiful. With a giant clump of white flowers for a lid, the bottle is chunky and a bit tedious to pop into a handbag or travel case. That being said… it does look absolutely gorgeous on display. My favourite type of pictures to take for my blog is of fragrances, because the results are just so pretty. I bought the 50ml, but may as well have bought the larger option, as I know this will be a perfume I will use up.

Daisy was the 2007 creation of Alberto Morillas, an incredibly talented man responsible for scents such as Pleasures by Estee Lauder, Acqua di Gio by Giorgio Armani, Gucci Bloom by Gucci and Bright Crystal by Versace. It is described by as having top notes of violet leaf and sparkling grapefruit, middle notes of gardenia and jasmine, and base notes of white woods and vanilla. It’s a beautifully fresh fragrance, really juicy and clean, without being water-lily or bamboo-smelling. There is a definite floral quality to it but it’s by no means a defining feature, so that’s a plus for me.

It is just so pleasant and non-offensive, and while I realise that this is the most pathetic of compliments, I think it’s important because not everyone is a bold-scent kind of girl. Sometimes you need a more muted, pretty smell that isn’t going to cling to the unfortunate people’s clothes that you hug, or overwhelm you if you happen to be stuck in a cramped car for a long period of time. Sometimes even the most beautiful scents can be overbearing, and this one is definitely not capable of that.

One downside to its modest qualities is that it doesn’t last nearly as well as my other Marc Jacobs scent. By midday it’s all but gone, and I have to spray a bit more than I normally would to have it last till the afternoon.

Daisy is available from R1 205.00 from Wooloworths for the 50ml, but can be purchased in the larger 100ml too. I’m really chuffed I picked this up. I would like to expand my Marc Jacobs collection of perfumes both because they make my desks and tables and counters look so chic, but also because they’re really such stunning fragrances, it’s really impressive for a brand to produce such winners over and over again.

What should my next Marc Jacobs scent be? When it comes to your fragrances, do you go bold, or do you prefer a lighter, softer smell?


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