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Maybelline Purchases and Review

You know when you go into Clicks for one thing and buy five instead? Yeah, me too. That’s exactly what happened in this case, I went in to pick up Maybelline’s Lash Sensational Primer, after seeing Dee (from @thatstotallyfetch_sa on Instagram) post a picture of her fake-but-not-fake lashes. I’m really not a fan of falsies, love the look, hate the application process and feel of wearing them. So false looking lashes without actually having false lashes is right up my alley. The rest? Well, they just sort of jumped into my basket.

Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation (R99.95)

Every single blogger, influencer, makeup artist and general foundation-user have apparently purchased this product, at least, that’s what it feels like on Instagram. So not wanting to be left out, I grabbed the lightest shade they had on offer and hoped for the best.

I don’t particularly enjoy heavy foundations, in fact, I don’t enjoy foundation at all, so this one really surprised me in that I liked it quite a lot. It most definitely delivers on the poreless promise, and gave me a really smooth skin texture. I also used this in conjunction with the Catrice Serum Primer (which I am LOVING but will do a full review on soon) so I don’t know how much of it was attributed to that. The coverage was medium to full, and lasted well throughout the evening, so overall, I’m happy I bought into the hype.

UPDATE: Zando currently has this for R59.00!

Vivid Hot Lacquer in Tease (R114.94)

This was another purchase I made after seeing @thatstotallyfetch_sa speak about it. It’s a nice my-lips-but-lighter colour, which sort of follows the theme of every other lip product I own. It’s a liquid lipstick that applies as a glossy cream, and then dries down to a traditional liquid lipstick formula. I find it work best when you apply as little as possible, or apply it then dab all excess off with a tissue. It lasts incredibly well, but does cling a little bit to dry bits on my lips. For someone who doesn’t like liquid lipsticks, I really liked this.

Lash Sensational Mascara (R159.95)

When I went in to purchase the lash primer, I saw that Clicks was running a promotion (till December 24th) where you get a free Lash Sensational Mascara and Lash Sensational Primer when you purchase R250.00 or more of Maybelline products. Considering I love this mascara and went in to buy the primer, it definitely made sense to me, but the fact that the gifts are worth more than what you actually have to spend, was a bonus.

This is my holy grail mascara, I do like trying others out, but nothing works for me as well as this does. It’s incredibly black, never clumps, provides length and volume and has a wand that works for both my top and bottom lashes. This particular purchase was actually a backup for the tube I’m currently using.

Lash Sensational Primer (R129.95)

Now for the primer. I don’t believe in primers of any sort to be honest. Or so I thought. Two of my purchases  this month have drastically changed my opinion, and this was one of them.

It doesn’t have the same wand as the mascara, which I wish it did, but it applies well nonetheless. It dries very quickly, so I would suggest priming one eye and immediately applying the mascara before moving on to the other eye. I didn’t do this, and I think it contributed to my lashes clumping on the edges. I’m quite determined to make this product work, so I will update you all on the perfect method (when I find it).

SuperStay Matte Ink in Lover (R169.90)

I really wanted to like this, I truly did. The colour is beautiful and I enjoy the idea of a stain because it makes me feel like it won’t be as high maintenance as a liquid lipstick. Boy was I wrong. It applies nicely and stays seriously put. The problem comes in when it eventually starts rubbing off. It leaves a pigmented ring on the outside of your lips and fades from the inside. Leaving you looking absolutely ridiculous. As I’m sure you can imagine. Taking this off without makeup remover is also a mission, and was overall very traumatic for my lips.

I love doing little hauls from one brand and testing a whole bunch of new products at once. Please let me know if you like these posts too, and which brand you think I should do next!


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