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Perilously Pale Product Rating: Catrice Light Reflecting Serum Primer

Recently I picked up Catrice’s Light Reflecting Serum Primer after searching high and low for about a month at all Dischem stores within a justifiable distance from where I live. I think this product is relatively new from Catrice, and they have yet to restock it. I wanted to do a full review on this as I think it is such a novel concept. I’ve seen many brands do liquid highlighters, I’ve seen many brands do glowy primers, but mixing the two concepts together in this way really intrigued me, so I thought I’d talk it through a bit more thoroughly.

  1. Is the product cruelty-free?

Catrice is a European owned company that is distributed by Cosmetix in South Africa at all Dischem Pharmacies. The brand’s site claims “we do not carry out or commission any testing on animals for the manufacture of our products. This applies to the end products as well as to all ingredients. Our suppliers are also required to certify in writing that their products have been manufactured without testing on animals.” This is a real plus for me, and has resulted in Catrice becoming a brand I am buying more and more from.

  1. Does the packaging catch my eye?

It’s so beautiful! Just look at it! Rose gold stopper lid, frosted glass container. It’s just so unique and expensive looking (for something from Dischem). I like that the packaging is ‘classy’ and not too colourful or busy, but still has a pleasing rosy pink vibe. It’s nice and weighty too, which makes me feel like I’m getting a quality product before I even open it.

  1. Is the packaging convenient to use?

Absolutely. The stopper bottle works really well in this situation because it allows you to dispense the exact amount of product that you want, without having to scrape any back into the bottle. It makes for hygienic use, and allows you to easily apply it straight to your face, or mix it with a foundation. It seals nicely, and is sturdy, so I can easily put it in a drawer without worrying about it leaking.


  1. Does the product have an agreeable scent?

I actually don’t know how to explain what on earth this smells like (Soap? Foundation? Face cream?) but it actually doesn’t matter because the scent is gone immediately after you apply it. It’s barely there at all to begin with, but after blending it out you can’t smell a thing. I like that quality in these types of products because if I’m going to be using it on my face, I would prefer it to not have an overwhelming scent.

  1. Is it made from quality ingredients?

Actually, it is. This one quite surprised me. After the main ingredients of aqua (the water base), propylene glycol (the solvent) and mica (the shimmery particles), this product is largely comprised of aloe barbadenisis leaf juice, or aloe vera juice. Aloe vera has anti-inflammatory and moisturising properties, which leaves your skin feeling amazing after using this product. It smoothes on like a dream and leaves my face feeling really dewy and healthy.

  1. Does the product last well?

The bottle comes with 14ml of product, which is quite a lot if you consider that you’re going to be using this as a primer. If you’re intending to use this as a liquid highlighter however, I think you may power through it very quickly, because as glowy as it is, it’s not going to deliver the same effect as NYX’s liquid illuminators. One thing to consider is that I imagine it is going to be a challenge to get every last drop of product out of this container, which may affect how long you will be able to use it.

  1. Are any promises made being fulfilled?

All that the description promises is “a subtle glow on the skin like flattering candlelight shimmer”. I think it delivers fairly well on this. It is a more subtle glow, which I particularly enjoy, as sometimes the glitter particles in these types of products are too big, and end up looking chunky.

  1. Is it worth its price tag?

For under R100, this product is a steal for me. It’s a Dischem-found beauty item, so it was going to be affordable to begin with, but for the results, I really think this product is a bargain!

  1. Did my boyfriend notice that I used it?

To be fair, he hasn’t actually seen me wear this product yet. But, on the occasions I have worn it, I noticed a considerable difference in the ease with which my foundation applied, and the glowiness of my skin throughout the night.

  1. Would I repurchase it?

Yes. Out of all the primers, moisturisers and liquid highlighters I have tried in conjunction with my foundation, this product had the best overall result in terms of my skin texture, the longevity of my foundation and providing a dewy quality to my base.

Final thoughts? 9/10 (due to deducting half a mark for how long the product would last, and another half mark for not receiving any direct compliments on it). I am so glad I purchased this product, and definitely see it becoming a favourite in my routine!



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