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Swiitch Beauty Unicorn Sauce Palette First Impression and Swatches

In the build up to Black Friday, it seemed like every blogger, influencer and makeup artist I follow was promoting Swiitch Beauty and their Pink Friday deals. I’m not sure about you, but that makes me a little apprehensive towards a brand. It seemed like it was everywhere I looked… Like when you see Facebook adverts from the thing you just happened to be googling a few days before.

But because I’m a sucker for makeup, I caved. Not as much as I could have, but I ended up buying their Unicorn Sauce palette, an insane looking palette of 35 colours ranging from matte orange to sparkly green, as I’ve been trying to step out of my comfort zone and get a bit more creative with my looks. I have been following Instagrammers who create the most beautiful faces of makeup with colours I would never consider, and I want to give it a try.

I managed to snag the Unicorn Sauce palette that usually costs R350 for R225 (issa steal). I also made use of one of their ambassadors’ codes and received an extra 5% off. Pretty good all in all. I paid R50 for standard shipping, and was told to expect my parcel within 7-14 days. It arrived in 6 working days! That’s very impressive if you ask me.

Not only was their shipping a good experience, but the product was packaged exceptionally. The palette was bubble-wrapped, in a beautiful holographic box, which was bubble-wrapped AGAIN before being placed into its shipping bag. I really appreciate attention to detail, especially when it comes to looking after the product I’ve purchased. Overall, I was massively pleased with my shopping, paying and delivery experience and wouldn’t hesitate to buy more goodies at a later stage (wink wink nudge nudge Taupe Notch palette).

While I have dipped into the palette, I haven’t used it enough to give an honest review, so this is just a first impression and what I thought of the swatches I took.

Black to dark blue:

Taupe to turquoise:

Dark green to lime:

Magenta to bright pink:

Orange to light pink:

Red to peach:

Yellow to white:

Overall, the shimmers swatched BEAUTIFULLY! There was not one that left me dissatisfied, and the range of shimmers in the palette was perfectly curated to give room to create incredible looks. There are so many colours in the palette I do not own, which is exactly what I was looking for.

As for the mattes, there were more than a few where I wasn’t so much disappointed as horrified. The bright yellow, white, dark blue/navy and orange were the worst of the bunch. They were chalky and powdery and unpleasant to use. In saying this, I realise that a swatch with your finger is different to a buffing out with a brush, so I really hope they’re easier to use on the eye.

The thing is, not all of the mattes were like that. The red for example, was amazing, and on par with my Inglot shadows, if not better. So there were great hits, but also some misses amongst the mattes.

I’m glad I bought into the hype and purchased my first Swiitch Beauty product. For R6.50 an eyeshadow (on sale), the palette was well worth the money, and with a delivery and customer service experience like theirs, I am super satisfied with the brand as a whole.

I would REALLY love to hear your experiences with the other three eye shadow palettes the brand has, as well as their highlight palette and cream colour case. Brushes too. I’m impressed with this young, local brand, who just seem to have got their branding, packaging and market SO spot on. What are your thoughts?


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