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Your Key to Rapunzel Locks: Prosana Hair and Nail Booster

Does your hair take ages to grow? Or does it grow to a certain length, and then seem unable to grow further? That’s exactly how I felt about my hair, until I started taking Prosana. *insert infomercial music and a picture of me smiling with a bottle of Prosana here*

I started taking Prosana quite a while ago (2013ish), a few months before a school dance where I needed my hair to be a bit longer to wear it in the style I wanted. I took it for a few weeks and didn’t notice any difference, but thought I may as well finish the bottle.

It was one of those things where as soon as you stop trying to notice whether something is happening, it happens, and two months my hair started growing like a weed. I mean, like a crazy weed. Like those giant dandelions after it rains for a few days.

Prosana is a hair and nail supplement that contains D-biotin, a component thought to make your hair grow and improve the conditions of your nails. Biotin, also known as vitamin B7 or vitamin H, can be found in many of the foods you would consume on a day to day basis, such as meat, eggs and legumes. The recommended intake ranges from 30μg/day to 40μg/day. Prosana provides 220μg!

Prosana has also done wonders for my nails. I used to struggle to grow them any longer than a millimetre or two before they would begin to tear, but I’ve found that they have improved over time. I also use Sally Hansen’s Hard as Nails as a base coat RELIGIOUSLY, and that has helped too.

I take two tablets every evening, and have been doing so for months on end now. Every so often in the past few years I have run out and not repurchased a bottle for some weeks, only to come back to it again. I’ve read some terrible things about the side effects some women (and men) experience after taking biotin supplements, such a cramping, nausea, diarrhoea, but can honestly say I didn’t experience any changes except that of better hair growth and harder nails. I also couldn’t find any reviews of Prosana that mentioned any negative side effects either.

This supplement is one of those products I will continue buying for the foreseeable future. It’s well priced, comes in a one, two or three month supply, readily available at Clicks and Dischem, and most importantly, it works fantastically.

Every girl wants quick growing hair, I know I certainly did (and still do, because I’m used to my dandelion hair now and think it doesn’t grow quickly at all, but when I look through old photos, I’m amazed at how much it grows in just three months). I would love to hear your thoughts on biotin, and Prosana if you have taken it, or end up buying it on my recommendations.


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