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Perilously Pale Review: Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadows

I don’t know why, but this post became one of those things that you say you’ll get around to but never do. I have been dragging this out for a very long time but here it FINALLY is!

I adore Inglot and these are by far my all-time favourite eyeshadows. I cannot hype them up enough, so I did an in-depth review on why they rate so highly in my books.

  1. Is the product cruelty-free?

Inglot is one of the more well-known ‘cruelty-free’ makeup brands. It’s a large part of the reason I happily spend such a large quantity of money on them. I was always under the impression that Inglot didn’t test on animals, and technically, this is correct. But I recently read an interesting article by Cruelty Free Kitty explaining why the brand does not fall perfectly into this category.

Swatches of the second column of matte shades.

The bottom line of the article is that while they do not test on animals, sell to mainland China, or commission third party individuals to test for them, the suppliers of their raw materials cannot guarantee that THEY do not test on animals, as some suppliers also provide to other industries that may require it (medical fields for example). Personally, this is good enough for me, as they make a huge effort in the areas that they can, to not test on animals. Refusing to sell to China is a HUGE loss for a company, so I do feel that they as a brand are committed sufficiently to the cause.

  1. Does the packaging catch my eye?

In my opinion, these types of products, eyeshadow and powder palettes, really don’t have to be particularly attractive. Functionality is way more important, and by trying to jazz up what the palette looks like, brands often end up compromising on how easy their products are to store and to travel with.

I like the plain black bases and frosted lids with the Inglot branding, it’s simple and won’t ever start looking kitsch. It also stays looking clean for longer than my MAC palettes.

  1. Is the packaging convenient to use?

I absolutely love the Freedom palette concept from Inglot. They have similar palettes in which you can store four blush squares, or four powder squares, or even an unsegmented palette to put whatever you want in. The packaging is perfect for makeup artists who need many shadows with them at all times, or a variety of products to suit different skin tones.

The case is super sturdy and nice and flat, the only complaint I do have is that the shadows are nearly impossible to remove from their individual holes in the palette. You’re supposed to be able to use the magnet on the corner of the lids to just hook them out, but I end up having to push a blade in between the eyeshadow pan and the palette in order to pry it out, causing me to damage some of the shadows.

  1. Does the product have an agreeable scent?

Smells like powdery nothingness.

  1. Is it made from quality ingredients?

The bulk component of these shadows is either talc or mica, depending on the shadow type. People don’t have particularly good thing to say about either of these products, with many people claiming they have experienced eye-irritation because of them.

Quite frankly I have yet to come across shadows that aren’t made from one of these two. From MAC to Essence, everyone uses some amount of talc or mica to create their shadows. I also have not had any negative experiences in the form of allergic reactions or eye discomfort, so for me, the ingredients here are fine as long as the product performs well.

  1. Does the product last well?

Unless you commit to using one particular shadow and one only, every single day, for the rest of your life, I don’t imagine you being able to finish one of these in the foreseeable future. The pan is huge and because the pigmentation is so amazing, you only ever end up using the smallest amount.

  1. Are any promises made being fulfilled?

While no promises are made in the products promotion, the shadows are definitely high quality, pigmented and last well both in the pan and on the eye.

Swatches of the shimmer shades I own.
  1. Is it worth its price tag?

The shadows come in square little metal pans, and differ slightly in weight, varying from 2.3g to 3.5g depending on the colour. For comparison purposes, I’m going to give them an average weight of 2.9g (as most of mine are mattes, which I presume would be harder pressed than shimmers). So R149 for 2.9g gives R51.38 per gram.

Before Inglot, I purchased my single shadows from MAC. R110 for 1.5g, or R73.33 per gram. That’s a massive difference for me. I know these calculations may seem unnecessary, but I personally like to do my research when it comes to things I buy and invest in. I like to compare brands and see what I’m really paying for.

  1. Did my boyfriend notice that I used it?

His favourite thing to say to me when I am wearing makeup is “Your eye makeup is so tastefully done today”, as a general sort of cover-all-my-bases observation. As I have been reaching for my Inglot shadows more and more, lately these compliments have been coinciding with the days I am wearing these guys.

So while it may be fluke that he notices these particular shadows (because he notices them all equally), I will say that when I wear Inglot’s shimmers, I never fail to receive a comment or two from someone I see throughout the day. They are incredibly intense and long lasting, and come in the most beautiful shades. My favourite way to wear them is just popping a little bit on the centre of my lid with my finger after finishing the rest of my eye look.

  1. Would I repurchase it?

Definitely, and I have, many times in fact. Inglot shadows are my staples, and while I do own some of their beautiful shimmers and mattes that are not neutrals, all of which I love, my favourite thing about the system is the overwhelming range of crease colours, transition shades and warm neutrals. These are colours I know I will be using for years to come, so I don’t mind paying a little more for a huge quantity of a great product.

Swatches of the first column of matte shades.

If you have heard me rave about these, or have had me attempt to convince you to buy them before, you’ll know that I am the biggest advocate for these shadows. It will also be no surprise that they receive a 10/10 on my rating system. Across all fields, these guys perform so well.

I think if you’re a makeup artist looking for a massive selection of good quality shadows for your collection, or someone who knows the colours of shadows that suit them and is willing to invest in a few, these are perfect for you!



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