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Avène Purchases and Review

Avène is one of those brands that you may find at Dischem, but it definitely does not match Dischem prices. It’s a French skincare range that in my experience so far, matches in quality what it demands in price.

The first product I bought from them was their hydrating serum, which I really enjoyed and spoke about in my Recently Raving About segment. I’ve since expanded my collection a little and decided to give you some first impressions and thoughts on the products so far.

Hydrating Skin Tone Perfector 40ml – R185.00

On the fairly rare occasions I do wear foundation, a lighter coverage is definitely my go-to, so I’ve been trying to find a BB cream type thing that I could give a try. Because I love all the Avène products I’ve been trying, I wanted to give their skin perfector a go.

I was quite apprehensive when I found out that they only had one shade (right?!) because I struggle to find a colour that suits my skin when a brand has a whole range, never mind one colour. But if you blend the product sufficiently, I think it will work on most skin tones.

The product comes in two variations, a ‘rich’ one, which provides slightly more coverage, is a bit oilier and has a slightly pinker undertone, and a ‘light’ option, which has a lighter coverage, less oil in it and has a more yellow undertone. I chose ‘light’, and so far, I have been enjoying it!

Cleansing Foam 150ml – R215.00

I have recently been trying this in tester form, but I will definitely be purchasing the full-sized one when I run out. This cleanser smells beautiful, and comes out all nice and foamy from the pump dispenser. I know this foamy factor seems unimportant but sometimes I wash my face over the sink, and when you’re already in pyjamas, trying to lather a face wash sometimes leaves your sleeves wet, so this product saves you from that (sometimes it’s the small things).

I struggle to find cleansers that leave my face feeling properly cleaned without drying it out in the process. This one ticks all the right boxes. Its gentle enough to use every day, and when I make use of my Suki Suki Naturals scrub twice a week, I feel like I have the perfect routine.

Xera Calm Lipid-Replenishing Cleansing Oil 400ml – R230.00

This was something I bought after hearing Tayla from (@twentycollective_sa on Instagram) rave about it. And boy did she have reason to rave! This is so perfect for people like me (lazy people), who don’t enjoy the process of removing their makeup with a cotton pad and makeup remover, only to find after your shower that some mascara escaped the initial removal and now needs to be cleaned up again.

It is the most simple to use product that I currently have in my routine. I hop in the shower in the evening (with all my makeup still on) and start by applying this to my face and working it in. It’s even been okay for me to use around my eye area (as long as I keep them closed, of course), so eyeshadows, mascara and liner get removed too.

The fragrance- and soap-free formula is perfect for sensitive skin, and the oily base leaves your face feeling moisturised and super soft.

How many of you guys have tried any Avène products? I would love to hear your recommensations of which products to try next!


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