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Glowy Skin Makeup Routine

Who in their right mind doesn’t want glowy, pretty skin? It can be fully done up, all-out glowy glam, or a natural, radiant, minimal glow, but most makeup-wearers want their base to follow the general trend of glimmery, gorgeous skin.

While I can stare at Sayla Dean’s perfectly applied face every time she posts a picture on Instagram, I will never be able to do my makeup that beautifully. My vibe is a lot lower maintenance and I prefer to keep it as easy to achieve as possible. Think one shade of eyeshadow, BB cream and eyebrow gel, DONE!

So this is a general routine for how I get a glowy, simple face of makeup, and some of the products I like to use to achieve it.

Step 1: A Hydrating Serum like Avene’s Hydrating Serum (duh)

Skincare is really important, especially when you’re going to be using lighter products with less coverage. Start with a nice base by applying a serum or thin moisturizer that will keep your skin smooth and hydrated under your makeup.

I suggest Avene’s Hydrating Serum. Use one pump on clean skin and allow it to fully absorb before continuing with your makeup.

Step 2: A Glowy Primer like Catrice’s Light Correcting Serum Primer

Pick a primer that is either designed for a healthy finish, or one that has subtle reflects in it. Because you’re going to be using a lightweight foundation, a glowy primer will add a bit of shine that will last all day.

One that you will know I love (I’ve written about it at least twice) is Catrice’s Light Correcting Serum Primer. It’s a super thin, shiny primer that doubles as a serum. It gives a nice radiance and improves the longevity and application of your foundation.

Step 3: A Light Coverage Foundation like Essence’s Fresh and Awake Makeup

I personally prefer light coverage foundations as they let my freckles shine through (they’re one of my favourite things). If you feel you cannot possibly face just using a BB cream or thin foundation, try and spot correct and cover dark circles with a concealer.

My favourite foundation is Essence’s Fresh and Awake Makeup. I apply it with a damp Real Techniques sponge and get a light layer of coverage that *just* blurs imperfections. The coverage is buildable, and applying with a brush would improve the coverage too.

Step 4: No Setting Powder (If You Can)

The best way to lose glow and naturalness from your face makeup is to apply powder. I find that no matter what the foundation or primer, powders never fail to stick on dry skin and emphasise my peach fuzz (which is pretty impressive to begin with).

If you absolutely cannot do without powder, try and limit it to the areas you need it most, like your T-zone, or under your eyes to set your concealer.

Step 5: A Cream Highlighter like The Body Shop’s Honey Bronze Dome Highlighter

Cream products go hand in hand with glowy skin. They often look more natural than powder products, and wear better throughout the day. Try to replace a powder product (think blushes, highlighters, and eyeshadows) with a cream one wherever possible.

My newest obsession is this teeny tiny dome highlighter from The Body Shop. I warm the product on my fingertip and dab it across my cheekbones for some extra shine. They also come in a blush and bronze shade too!

Step 6: A Bronzy Blush like MAC’s Harmony

So if you have a cream blush or bronzer, now would be the time to use it. But since I don’t, I make use of a pretty, bronze toned blush and warm up my face with that. It cuts out the hassle of having to apply both blush and bronzer, and keeps the look nice and natural.

One of my favourite blushes is MAC’s Harmony, a beautiful warm brown shade that makes a surprisingly good bronzer.

Step 7: All the Other Bits and Pieces

Here is where you do all the other things that you need to do to your face before you feel like your presentable self.

If you want to continue with the hassle-free, glowy theme, I suggest using your blush or bronzer to double up as an eyeshadow, it pulls the look together and saves you the trouble of using another product. Slap on some mascara and you’re good to go!

Step 8: Spray Spray Spray with Something like Clinique’s Moisture Surge Facial Spray

After you’ve completed your look, don’t forget to douse yourself in a facial mist. It’s by far the best way to keep your skin looking … like skin. It helps set the powders and adds a little moisture to ensure your base doesn’t start picking up on dry patches.

I love facial mists so I do have a few. One I recently purchased was Clinique’s from their Moisture Surge range. While I still don’t love the smell, I was informed by Clinique’s team that it is a result of opting to keep this product fragrance-free, which I can definitely appreciate considering the range is targeted at dry, sensitive skin.

This is my go-to order of application when I’m doing my makeup. I would love to hear what yours is, and what you think of this type of post!





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