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Morphe X Jaclyn Hill Palette First Impression and Swatches

… I really didn’t want to love this palette. I wanted to be cold and calculated and discerning. I didn’t want to fall for the same hype that the rest of the beauty world seemed to have fallen for. But alas, I introduce to you, my new most prized palette: the Jaclyn Hill palette. 

Over December my family from Germany came to stay with us, and with them, they brought a beautiful Beauty Bay purchase. I have been watching tutorial after tutorial where this palette was used, but since it isn’t available directly in South Africa, I didn’t yearn for it too much. That being said, I did jump at the opportunity to buy it when I worked out it could be shipped to my family.

Overall, the palette was reasonably priced in my opinion. It worked out to be R700, and considering that you get 35 shadows of good quality, I was happy with the purchase. Comparing it to the R850 for an Urban Decay palette of 12 shadows in smaller pans, or the R800ish for a 15 pan MAC palette, it’s a steal.

The Jaclyn Hill palette comes will a really nice range of transitions and includes both pretty shimmers and unusual accent colours. It’s definitely something that you could take on holiday and not feel like you were limited to a few looks. It also provides a nice collection of shadows to play with for someone who is looking to expand their style of makeup (me). The palette is curated well so that going wrong with your shadow would be quite difficult to do.

As for the quality of the shadows (I’m trying so hard to be impartial) they are FANTASTIC! A palette of 35 perfect shadows is hard to make (I imagine) so to do with only one or two duds is impressive. The biggest problems lie with the matte shadows, particularly the three darker ones in the bottom row. And the most fantastic shades of the palette are the shimmers (yes, all of them). They are so buttery and pigmented and soft. They also include some really different colours that I can’t say I’ve seen before, for example, the beautiful rose gold in the top row.

As for the swatches, most turned out well, with the exception of the colours mentioned above. Also, please note how much my swatches have improved since my Unicorn Sauce palette review!

Top row (light gold shimmer to rose gold shimmer):

Second row (matte orange to bronze shimmer):

Third row (light pink shimmer to cranberry shimmer):

Fourth row (purple shimmer to medium matte brown):

Fifth row (turquoise shimmer to matte black):

One issue that I think is worth mentioning is the lightness of the transition shades. This was mentioned by Kelly-Anne Joseph (who recently featured in my first One on One segment). She brought to my attention, in her Youtube video, that women of colour may not get the most out of this palette because the transition shades may not show up on darker skin. Just something to keep in mind if you’ve been eyeing this palette for your next splurge.

For those of you longing for this palette that don’t have overseas friends or relatives, consider buying through some of the South African resellers when they have it back in stock. While I personally haven’t purchased anything from the likes of Muse Beauty, I have heard only good things about them.

I really can’t express enough how happy I am with this palette. It surpassed the expectations I had for it, and most definitely lived up to the hype. I’m so excited to sit down and create some beautiful looks with this, and just as soon as I clean my brushes, that’s what I’ll be doing.

What do you guys think of palettes and collections created by Youtubers? Do you think it’s something the South African beauty market should start doing too? I would definitely love to see something like that!


More on First Impressions: let’s reflect on how poor my swatches used to be while appreciating another amazing palette, check out my first thoughts on Swiitch Beauty’s Unicorn Sauce palette here!



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