One on One: That’s Totally Fetch

One on One is back! This month’s blogger/influencer/artist/person-I-wanted-to-interview is Dee from That’s Totally Fetch!

This side-splittingly relatable South African blogger captured my interest and Instagram follow with her sassy stories and beautiful looks, but captured my heart through her earnest and open blog posts.

Dee balances her picture-perfect online presence with real and honest content, making her one of my favourite influencers to follow.

(My comments are in bold and Dee’s replies are in normal font.)

Most of us know you as @thatstotallyfetch_sa . Your gorgeous locks, warm smokey eye looks and hilariously relatable rants have built you a following of almost 3 000! But what can you tell us about the parts of your day that you don’t spend content-creating?

Firstly, thank you so much. You are too kind. I work for an events company in Johannesburg and when I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with my man and two fur babies. I’m quite the bore lol.

While I’m struggling to post regularly, you’re running a beautiful blog and a successful Youtube channel (with over 400 subscribers!!!). What inspired you to create posts and videos (even though one is demanding enough)?

I needed something in life that got my creative juices flowing. I have always been all about beauty and fashion, many friends were encouraging me to share my tips and tricks and so That’s Totally Fetch was born. It’s become my escape, my happy place.

You mention in your ‘About Me’ section on your blog that it used to go by the name Oh So Chic. Tell us more about your blogging journey and some of the challenges you’ve faced so far?

When I started blogging almost 4 years ago, it was initially called Oh So Chic. I made sure that the name was not taken. Two years in, I came across a company in South Africa named Oh So Chic and for some reason that infuriated me.

So I decided to change my name to That’s Totally Fetch, Mean Girl fans will get that name. Many people told me I was dumb because I would lose my stats but I never cared about that because I didn’t start my blog to gain a massive following.

I started it to share my findings and experiences. The biggest challenge I have faced is trying to keep my content original and to keep up to date. I am very hard on myself when I don’t post content often, it becomes difficult when life gets busy, I just have to remind myself that I am doing this for me. WOW, what an essay! Sorry, haha!

But with challenges and difficulties come amazing rewards, right? What have been your top three moments since you joined the beauty community?

The biggest reward is the relationships I have built with bloggers and brands. I have made some great friends out of this journey and to me that’s an incredible reward. Having my work recognized by brands is always an incredible feeling. I feel as though my entire journey has been and still is one incredible moment that just keeps getting better and better.

How do you present yourself differently on each of your platforms (Instagram, Twitter, That’s Totally Fetch, Youtube) and which of them is your favourite to use?

I do my best to stay exactly the same on all of my platforms, I keep it real and true to me. By far Instagram is my favourite. I am a lot more active on Instagram than any other social media platform.

You’re a self-proclaimed ‘herbie’ (that’s a vegan, but without the negative connotations). For those who haven’t read your very read-worthy blog post, what made you take this step and give those who want to follow your lead a tip or two on how to do it?

When my boyfriend started his vegan journey I thought he was completely mental. Eventually, I unknowingly began to question the food industry. I then took it upon myself to stop being naive and educated myself by watching documentaries.

My life is no more and no less valuable than that of an animal, once you make that connection, you view the world differently. My body is my temple and I refuse to put anything in it that has suffered for my pleasure. I wanted to be the change I wanted to see in this world.

My biggest tip, if you are considering a plant based diet is that you take it easy. It’s a journey, I cut out meat and then slowly cut out diary. Do some research and do it for the right reasons, this is not a trend. It’s honestly the most liberating and freeing thing that I have ever done.

You recently shared a part of your personal experience with anxiety and mental health. Being part of the beauty community means that you spend a lot of time online. How would you like to see the rest of the community change their social media habits to improve the way they affect other women’s mental health?

We all enjoy painting a very pretty picture of our lives on social media. Some of us are too scared to share the vulnerable and real side to us. I feel as though that side needs to be shared. We need to be more real, we should be sharing our stories, and we should be helping each other more.

Trying to be relatable is my biggest thing, I want girls to realize that they aren’t alone. That we all have similar struggles and that in the end we will be ok. We need to empower each other. Creating a judgement free zone on social media is the key to a successful world.

Now for the really tough questions. If you had to spend the rest of your life using only one makeup brand, which would it be and why?

Without a doubt NYX Cosmetics. That brand speaks to my soul. The quality of the brand is absolutely incredible and the pricing is really reasonable. And they are cruelty free!

If you had R2 000 to spend at only one store, where would you shop and what would you buy?

If I had R2000.00 I would head on over to my closest pet store, purchase as much pet food as I possibly can and head down to an animal shelter to feed the animals.

Describe your idea of the perfect day.

I am such a home body, so my perfect day is on the couch, popcorn, veggie samosas, my fur babies, my man and some Marvel Movies.

I’m torn between what I’m more in awe of, your amazing sense of style or you’re picture-perfect makeup looks. What could you not leave the house without, a great outfit or a splash of makeup?

WOW! You really know how to make a girl blush. Thank you. I am so comfortable with my skin at the moment (because skin care is first ya’ll), I barely wear makeup these days. So I’m going to go with a great outfit.

Speaking of makeup, what are your three most reached for products?

That’s easy. My Smashbox Primerizer, my Benefit Cosmetics Ka-Brow and my Maybelline Big Shot Mascara.

And lastly, if someone has been living under a rock and hasn’t come across any of your incredible pages yet, where would you suggest they start (i.e. blog, Youtube channel, Twitter)?

I would honestly suggest you start with my Instagram. It’s a platform I am most proud of and if you lucky enough you might tune into one of my amazing rant sessions. Just prepare your ears, parental guidance is advised.

Huge thanks go to Dee for being part of my One on One segment, and for all the prettiness she puts on my feed. If you aren’t supporting her, head to her Instagram, Youtube channel or blog IMMEDIATELY to catch up on everything you’ve been missing!


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