What the $£@! is draping?

No but seriously, if you Google ‘draping’ all you get is a bunch of creatively clothy wedding dresses. Try Googling ‘draping makeup technique’ and you’ll have a much better idea of what in my opinion could be the newest no-makeup makeup trend.

Essentially, draping is contouring with blush, where highlight and bronzer are replaced and all definition is created by layering blushes. Now, I know that A LOT of makeup wearers don’t actually like blush, so before I scare you off, let me show you how to make this trend a tad more wearable.

Seen on runways as early as the 2012-2013 Michael Kors A/W show, this rosy look has continued well into today’s trends, being seen at the Adam Selman S/S show last year.

I know, I know. This is quite extreme, and definitely not wearable to the average girl or guy, but take a look at this next attempt before you decide.

Adam Selman S/S 2017

I love how soft, glowy and feminine draping can look. It also helps people (read: the majority of the makeup wearing population) who don’t know how to contour, or quite frankly, couldn’t be bothered to contour.

So how does one ‘drape’ without looking like one has scarlet fever? Simple! Grab a nice big fluffy brush and with a light hand apply your blush, except focus on more than just the apples of your cheeks. Sweep the product up your cheekbones, and diffuse it to ensure you don’t have a stripe of colour.

Another great thing about blushy colours is that they suit all eye colours well. This means that whether your peepers are blue or brown, or anything in between, you can find a shade to double as an eyeshadow. Fantastic! Lazy girls unite!

Let me know if this trend is right up your alley, or one you will wave at as it passes on through. I personally love blush, and feel that deep down inside, this one’s for me.


Disclaimer: None of the above image are my own, with the exception of the cover image. All rights belong to the owners of the images.



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