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Step Up Your Makeup Game with Two New SwiitchBeauty Products

If you use Instagram, you’re probably following (or have at least seen) SwiitchBeauty’s account. And if you’re into beauty, you probably own some of their awesome products.

SwiitchBeauty is a local company created and run by a group of girls who are changing the face of South African beauty (see what I did there, changing the FACE). The company has absolutely aced the marketing, social media, packaging and affordability games, and has unsurprisingly become one of the most hyped brands because of it.

So you can imagine how ecstatic I was to receive a press package from them, containing their newest babies: a translucent setting powder and a lip priming kit. These two are being released TODAY on their site, and will both be retailing for under R100.00.

These are just my first impressions after using the products for a few days, if you are interested in a full review, let me know in the comments below!

#MATTEBOUNCE Translucent Face Powder

I have not used a face powder in years. I hate how powder catches the hairs and dry spots on my face. I don’t like how it sits on top of my foundation and makes it look thick.

But recently I’ve been having a lot of trouble with creasing, melting concealers. I end up looking like a haggard mommy raccoon by 12pm. So this little gift came at the PERFECT time.

This translucent (+1 point) face powder is incredibly finely milled (+1 point). It comes in packaging I have yet to see in this country, which makes it convenient to use and travel with (+1 point).

The container has a screw on lid with a stopper attached to keep the product in the base. The powder sits at the bottom and is covered by a little net thing. This prevents you from tipping too much out accidentally or dropping something into the powder. It is great for pressing your brush or sponge into in order to pick up the perfect amount of product.

It can be used for setting under your eyes (what I will be using it for), setting your whole face, or bouncing. What’s bouncing you ask? SwiitchBeauty has you covered.

Overall, I was quite impressed with this powder, considering its retailing for less than R100.00. The product stayed dry all day, didn’t cake up my concealer and didn’t leave the area looking ghostly white. I need to use it for more than a week before I say much more though.


I would have never in a million years purchased a lip priming kit with my own cash, but this product, is PHENOMENAL. I don’t know how else to gush about it!

The kit comes with two tubes, one for priming the lips and one for hydrating them afterward. I expected the ‘scrub’ to feel granular and harsh, like a sugar scrub, but it’s a smooth gel that does this weird thing where you’re rubbing it in and all of a sudden all this dead skin is on (well technically off) your lips. As gross as it sounds, it’s very satisfying.

What I liked most though, was that this didn’t cause my lips to become dry or even more peely after I used it. My lips stayed smooth and happy.

The balm product is also great, because it’s not thick or oily, which means it absorbs quickly and sits well under whatever lip product you want to use immediately afterward.

This is something that can really help you step up your makeup application skills. I used to shy away from matte and liquid lipsticks (and all other lip products that weren’t balms) because of how easily the product would catch on bits of dry skin.

Is it a necessary item in your makeup kit? No. Is it one of the most worthwhile purchases you will ever makeup? Absolutely. And considering you need half-a-pea-sized amount of each product, I think it’s a steal.

I have only purchased from their site once before when I grabbed my fantastic Unicorn Sauce Palette, and the process was phenomenal. The package was delivered before the window that they told me to expect it in, and packaged perfectly so as to ensure nothing was broken. I was really happy with their efficiency and communication.

Their price point is great for what I received, and it’s for that reason that I would love to explore the rest of their products to see if that theme continues.


Disclaimer: These products were kindly sent to me by the SwiitchBeauty team to review before their launch. I was not paid to review them, nor was I obligated to. All opinions expressed on my blog are my own.

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