Five Instagram Accounts for Unending Inspiration

I’ve mentioned before that there are only two reasons I follow a makeup artist on social media. They either provide me with step by step guides on how to recreate wearable makeups look that, or they post astonishingly creative masterpieces. These five fall into the latter category. They’re an unending source of inspiration.

Whenever I need a push to try something new or just a reminder of why I love makeup, I take a few minutes to admire how creative these men and women are. Here are my top five must-follow international makeup artists!

Sara Engel – @thesaraengel

Sara is a Danish artist who balances her career in professional makeup for shoots with mind-blowingly original looks that she creates during her own time and posts to her Instagram.

She flips seamlessly between soft, wearable glam and outrageous creativity, with the latter being my favourite. I have no clue where she draws her inspiration from, but she is without a doubt, one of the most talented artists I follow on Instagram.

With over 66 000 followers on Instagram, I am definitely not the only one fascinated with her looks, which are predominantly eye looks, but also feature lip art and images of work she has done for others.

Alexis Stone – @thealexisstone

Alexis Stone (aka Elliot Joseph Rentz) is the king of transformations! This British artist has been recognized by platforms like LadBible and Teen Vogue, admired by artists such as Mario Dedivanovic (Makeup by Mario) and has even bagged himself a MAC collaboration!

His signature looks involve him transforming into popular celebrities with the power of makeup, but his special effects and horror makeup show his true talent (in my opinion).

Join over half a million of his Instagram followers if entertaining, sometimes hysterical, but always incredible transformations are up your alley.

Linda Hallberg – @lindahallberg

Swedish artist Lina Hallberg somehow manages to run a blog, a Youtube channel and a cosmetics line, while still finding time to update us all on her Instagram page. I have followed her for years, and am astounded every time she uploads a look, as it’s unlike anything she has done before.

Linda is so incredibly talented, and seems to have no creative boundaries. Her looks range from artsy to wearable, soft to full-out glam, monotone to an entire spectrum of colour. I really like how she seems to experiment with technique, texture, colours and patterns.

While I’d definitely say her Instagram is my favourite of her platforms, her blog is worth checking out too. She posts the details on some of her looks, along with the products used. She isn’t so active on Youtube, but I would love to see her start a regular channel of tutorials!

Veronica Anrathi – @d1sarmon1a

Ukranian Veronica is an absolute master of her craft. Her lip looks are some of the best I have ever seen on Instagram, I shudder to think how many hours go into perfecting a process to that extent.

Veronica creates insanely detailed lip looks, but also includes full-face makeup and special effects creations. Her style is a bit gothic and grungy, as shown by her frequent use of maroons, blacks and purples (with some fake blood thrown in for fun).

With only 34 000 followers, she definitely deserves a whole bunch more for the level of effort and creativity that go into her looks. You can find Veronica on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

Ewelina Niemiec – @emalovii

Ewelina is a Polish artist whose looks draw inspiration from flowers (which make them some of my favourites). She posts a variety of beautiful, creative eye looks that never fail to amaze me.

Brows can be fluffy, styled or coloured. Lashes are lob-sided, full or natural. And colours can be monotonous, bright or all mixed together. Ewelina incorporates so many different styles into her looks, and creates dramatically different looks each time.

With over 46 000 fans on Instagram, she’s well on her way to the recognition she deserves, and she is already there when it comes to being one of my favourite artists.

I would love to see who you follow on social media, whether they produce wild looks like these, or simple wearable ones. Let me know by leaving a comment below, or sending me a message on social media!


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Disclaimer: None of the above images are my own, and belong to their respective content creators!


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