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One on One: Everything x She

What a whirlwind of a month March has been (all 14 days of it)! I know I have been MIA lately, as have most of my regular pieces, but One on One is back with its first ever non-blogger! The STUNNING Natasha from @everythingxshe.

I’m really excited about this article in particular because of the absolutely ridiculous follower to talent ratio that Natasha has. With less than 500 followers, she is an example of why this segment was created. I wanted One on One to showcase amazing artists, bloggers etc. who have yet to be found by the beauty community (but definitely should be).

Natasha was a dream to work with, and has always been so kind and supportive on social media. She’s such a worthwhile follow, and I am so fortunate to be able to let you guys get to know her a little better.

(My comments are in bold and Natasha’s replies are in normal font.)

Natasha! For those of us who don’t know you, give us the three sentence version of who you are.

Well I would say that I am someone that is insanely passionate about anything make up and beauty related, who wants to share my work and progress while still promoting positivity and having fun.

I fell in love with your looks after finding your Instagram page. Why did you start one to begin with, and would you ever consider expanding to blogging or a Youtube channel?

I started my Instagram page because I found the beauty community and I wanted to be a part of it. I wanted to contribute my skills but most importantly I wanted to learn from everyone and get inspired.

For the longest time I wanted to start a Youtube channel, but I think that Youtube is just such an intimidating platform, it’s something I would like to do in the future but not right now. For now, I just want to focus on my Instagram account.

These days, I feel like 19 year olds (like Natasha) don’t even wear makeup, never mind apply it as flawlessly as you! What age did you start getting into beauty and makeup, and what was one of your first makeup memories?

Honestly, my first vivid memory of me playing around with makeup was when I was 13. I wanted to update my Facebook profile picture so one day after I school I “stole” my mom and my sisters makeup and hide in the bathroom just trying to figure out what this make up thing was and how it could transform me. At the time I thought I did an amazing job but looking back now I know, I knew absolutely nothing about make up.

But I have always been interested in beauty related things, when I was primary school I would do so many DIY hair masks using bananas, eggs and anything I could get my hands on without getting into too much trouble with my mom. But years after that when I was 16 I found “dope211” transformations and Jaclyn Hill and my love for makeup specifically began !

On your Instagram bio, you describe yourself as a ‘freelance makeup artist’, do you work full-time as one, or do you juggle anything else day to day?

Unfortunately, I am not a full time. I’m actually a full time student, so I freelance whenever the opportunity comes along.

Did you ever complete a professional makeup course, or are you self-taught? Who would you say has taught you the most about makeup?

I am self- taught but I would love to complete a professional makeup course soon. All my makeup knowledge is from the wonderful wide world web, more specifically Youtube. I would have to name hundreds of beauty gurus and Youtubers that have influenced and taught me new skills but if I had to name a few it would be Jaclyn Hill, Ronke Raji and Patrick Starrr.

My absolute favourite thing about you is your beautiful smile! What do you consider to be your best feature?

Thank you! I think my best feature would be my skin. I’m currently on the road to better skincare but thanks to good genetics I’ve always had relatively clear skin.

Is there anything you don’t like about yourself? If so, how do you manage negative thoughts and insecurity?

My round face! I wouldn’t say I don’t like it but I have always felt like I have such a big round head (I am genuinely laughing as I type this). In terms of dealing with my insecurity I think that understanding that everyone has things about themselves that they don’t like so much and believing in self-love and body positivity has helped me embrace all aspects of myself and just celebrate myself and others. But luckily I have not received any hate or negative comments on my Instagram.

Besides the Eyelure lashes in 117 Natural, what are some of your go-to products?

The Mac lip liner in shade “Teddy” or any brown lip liner and the Wet and Wild Cosmetics highlighter in “Crown of My Canopy”.  And any lipgloss (my current makeup obsession).

Do you have an all-time favourite makeup brand, or do you like to keep it varied with new products?

If I had to choose I would say NYX Cosmetics. But I like mixing things up and playing with products from different brands.

I absolutely hate doing winged liner, something you have got DOWN! Are there any techniques or looks (like a cut crease) that you don’t like, or really struggle to complete?

Wing liner is such a struggle for me sometimes but it’s nothing an earbud can’t fix!

I love wearing lashes but I hate the process of putting lashes on. I always struggle with it unless it’s a really good day and the Heavens are on my side!

Where do you see yourself (makeup wise) in a year’s time?

In a year’s time I definitely see myself doing more freelance work and working with some brands! Which probably sounds like big dreams for a small page like mine but I’m really focused right now on growing and producing content that I love and that people want to see. And of course the law of attraction and power of the tongue!

Okay Natasha, if you could only give people ONE reason to follow you on Instagram, what would it be?

For the make up! I think that my Instagram page is so versatile so if you looking for a dramatic cut crease look or a natural “date night” glam you’ll find it on my Instagram. And, sometimes I’m kind of funny so I wouldn’t want to miss those rare moments.

And there you have it! EverythingXShe (aka Natasha) in a nutshell! Thank you so much to this lovely, talented artist for putting so much time and effort into her interview, and for producing content that never fails to impress me.

Who wold you like to see on One on One next time? Please leave your suggestions down below, or tag me on their social media pages.


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