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Colourpop Haulin’: My New Guilty Pleasure

Late last year, and into the beginning of 2018, Colourpop was having a massive site-wide sale. I’m quite apprehensive about purchasing online, let alone from an international store (because customs), but this time, the temptation was too much and I went wild!

Colourpop is an online American makeup supplier. Their products are cruelty-free and in the ‘super-affordable’ range (read: dirt cheap). It makes you realise how we as South Africans are getting ripped off in the beauty department.

They offer a huge selection of eye shadows, blushes, highlighters and lipsticks, and their range is ever-expanding. They often release limited edition collections and have sales at least once a month (on something or another).

My experience with Colourpop was FANTASTIC. The payment was quick and easy, and they kept me well-informed and updated. I think it took three days for them to process and ship my order despite it being their biggest sale of the year.

My experience with the South African side however… was slightly less enjoyable. In all honesty, it was better than I expected (because I expected it not to arrive at all). It took six weeks to receive a notification from the Post Office that I had a parcel for collection. By this time, I’d given up on it, so I was pleasantly surprised. Even better was the fact that I had to pay R24 on a package worth +R600. Yes, you read correctly, TWENTY-FOUR RAND. What a bargain!

Now for what I bought: a selection of blushes, brushes and lip products. I will say that the colours are not as they seem on the web page (as is the case with all online stores), so it’s something to keep in mind when browsing, especially with regards to lip products.

Blushes in To the 10, Glass Slipper, Parakeet

Holy. Grail. Blushes.

For a meagre R96 (full, non-sale price) you can get 6g of the most pigmented blush, WITH a compact and mirror. For perspective, MAC charges R305 for the same amount of product. Colourpop offers an incredible range of shades, which I feel includes a few really different colours.

To the 10

The formula is soft and blendable, but packs quite a punch, so a light hand is advised. I’ve been using a synthetic stippling blush for a nice dispersed application.


The colour I’ve been reaching for most is Glass Slipper, the semi-aggressive maroon shade. This is what I mean by their unique range. I normally would shy away from colours like this, but it’s such a beautiful blush, and it’s been raking in the compliments every time I wear it.

Glass Slipper

Lippie Stix in Goldie

I really love this shade! I expected it to be slightly more orange, but it’s a true, cool red that suits my skin really well.

The formula is fairly stiff (which I like, as it makes application more precise), but not matte, if that makes sense. It isn’t like the more dry formula of MAC’s matte lipsticks. The product stays in place and doesn’t bleed over the borders of my lips, despite being such a bold colour.

Because it is so bold though, application can be a bit uneven, and two coats is needed, along with a lot of rubbing your lips together, in order for the product to be smoothed over evenly.

Overall, if this is the formula that all of their Lippie Stix’s have, then I will most definitely be investing in a few more shades at the next sale.

Liquid Lipstick in Frick ‘n Frack

This was what I was referring to when I mentioned how the lip colours could be deceiving. While Frick ‘n Frack is a lovely shade, it wasn’t quite what I was expecting based on the colour it seemed online.


Besides that, the formula is smooth and thin, spreads easily, and dries comfortably on the lips. It doesn’t have a thick, gunky feel to it, like some of the liquid lipsticks I own. It does settle into cracks and on dry pieces of skin, but which properly prepped lips, this little guy is definitely a winner.


After the blushes, this was my next favourite part of my purchase. Colourpop’s brushes are not only pocket-friendly, but are really well made.

The synthetic bristles and plastic handles make these a great cruelty-free brush option for those looking to start (or expand) their collection. They offer everything from blending brushes to fan brushes, so there’s something for everyone and a brush kit for those who want EVERYTHING.

The bristles are very soft and pick up a fairly generous amount of product. As I only have shadow brushes, I can’t comment on the quality of the others, but my experience so far definitely makes me want to pick up some more.

Despite the fairly long wait, I was happy with my overall purchasing experience, and have already placed my next Coloupop order (only two more weeks to go… I hope). I definitely think that this is one of the sites you can purchase from with peace of mind, without having to go through the extra effort of using a third party shipping company (Aramex etc.).

My next order contains some palettes (perhaps for a giveaway or two?) and some lip products. I can’t wait to share the next haul with you guys as soon as it arrives! What will you be ordering from Coloupop? Let me know in the comments below!



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