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Essence Purchases and Review

If I could buy an Essence item every time I walk past their stand in Clicks or Dischem, I’d be a happy girl (and more often than not I actually do end up buying something, so I’m pretty content).

Essence is an amazing, cruelty-free brand that stocks some of my all-time favourite items, like my Fit and Awake Makeup foundation. This means that I trust them and am always keen to try their new goodies. So here are some that I have picked up in the last few months (okay weeks).

I Heart Extreme Crazy Volume Mascara

This mascara is a repurchase, actually, it’s a repurchase of my repurchase’s repurchase. That is how much I love this stuff. It’s probably my current holy grail mascara (until further notice).

It has a stiff plastic wand with little teeth like bristles, that I really like due to how well they separate my lashes. Despite being a thicker formula, the brush ensures that you won’t experience any clumping. The colour is also a pitch black, which is always the ideal way for a mascara formula to be.

Camouflage Full Coverage Concealer in Ivory

The last concealer I purchased from Essence was a total flop, but my gosh did this one make up for the disappointment. This was also featured in my last Monthly Must-haves, which you can check out here.

It’s like paint… for your under-eye circles. The consistency is very thin and both spreads and blends easily, but the coverage that it delivers is amazing considering this thinness.

It is without a doubt a product I will be buying over and over, the only problem is the shade range. Now Essence has a notoriously poor shade range, but this concealer comes in two colours. Two. Neither of which can be used by anyone who even tans, never mind women of colour.

Mad to Sparkle Velvet Metallic Liquid Lipstick

Oooh, but this is a beautiful product. This liquid lipstick was part of a limited edition range a few weeks back. Although it isn’t a colour I would usually reach for, it’s such a unique and ‘sophisticated’ way to wear the metallic lip trend.

The formula is a little bit drying, but with a healthy application of lip balm prior to using this, you shouldn’t have any problems.

Metal Chrome Blush

I love a good multitasker. This little pan of product is labelled a blush, but can be used for a beautiful eyeshadow or a pink-y highlighter.

I like to apply it when I couldn’t be bothered to do both blush and highlight, and just want a wash of colour with a bit of glitz. It isn’t too pigmented to be a highlight, and it isn’t too sparkly to be a blush, so it works out to be a great middle ground for the two.


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3 thoughts on “Essence Purchases and Review

  1. I need to try the mascara because I only ever buy Essence mascara. It really is my fave.
    That lip colour is amazing. Wish they still had it.
    Great post lovely

  2. I def need to try their concealers! I just bought the urban decay all nighter and was super disappointed Also love their brow kits ❤️

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