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Urban Decay You’re Draining My Bank Account!

Urban Decay, oh Urban Decay. Why is it that I am unable to leave your store without buying something? It has caused me to avoid that area of Sandton like the plague! Alas, you have now moved next to Woolworths, and your reach is inescapable.

Quick Fix Hydra-Charged Complexion Prep Priming Spray 118ml – R460.00

“The hydrating, soothing, pore reducing primer spray visibly reduces the appearance of pores, brightens and smooths skin, and replaces lost moisture. Light enough to use throughout the day (without messing up your makeup), Quick Fix Hydra-Charged Complexion Prep Spray instantly hydrates and softens skin.”

How nifty is the idea of a priming spray? One day I hope to apply every makeup product I need via a spray. But seriously, I love the convenience of this idea, it will most definitely save you time in your routine if it really works. The R460.00 price tag on the other hand… is something I don’t love the idea of.

Bright and Tight Complexion Primer 30ml – R450.00

Get brighter, tighter skin that seriously glows—without spending tons of money on expensive “procedures.” Introducing Bright & Tight Complexion Primer. Perfect for whenever you’re in need of a little lift (like after an especially late night), this skin-smoothing, moisturizing primer creates a radiant glow and leaves skin feeling firmer instantly.”

In case the priming spray doesn’t work, this would be next on my list. I’m all about a glowy foundation look, so this guy sounds right up my alley. The price is also reasonable for a 30ml primer, it’s certainly comparable to most other department store brands. I’ve never tried a primer from Urban Decay before, but this is definitely the first one I’ll be going for.

Perversion Mascara 12ml – R300.00

Get bigger, blacker, badder lashes with our ultra-creamy, lengthening and volumizing mascara. For lashings of sex appeal and high voltage drama, introduce Perversion Mascara into your make up bag. Build, separate and define lashes with the purest, most intense black pigments for bigger, blacker, badder lashes.”

This one is an ode to my bestie, Carmela, who absolutely swears by this stuff. Every so often, I watch as she debates with herself over the repurchase of this product. “It’s so expensive, but you know, I really love it, and it’s the only mascara I ever reach for… But R300 is just too much. I can’t”. But she does. And if she can justify the splurge then surely it’s worth it, right?

Naked Skin One and Done Complexion Perfector 40ml – R590.00

“The best of both worlds, this hybrid complexion cream combines the benefits of a sheer foundation with the coverage of a tinted moisturizer—and our high-tech, weightless formula feels amazing on your skin. One & Done provides all-day wear and covers a wide range of skin tones. But the best part is how it transforms the look of your skin! Light-diffusing spheres (I’m just interjecting to roll my eyes at this phrase) immediately help make flaws seem to disappear. Over time, pores appear smaller and skin appears noticeably firmer and more radiant.”

SIX HUNDRED RAND FOR A BB CREAM?!? That’s exactly what I think every time I see it in store, but online, I’ve only ever read rave reviews, from people who absolutely swear by this stuff. I like the idea of a sheer coverage ‘foundation’ with a promise of radiant skin. This product would be really convenient for me and a product that I know I would use… but that price though…

Naked Petite Heat Eyeshadow Palette – R530.00

“Naked Petite Heat is a compact eyeshadow palette featuring six all-new scorched neutral eyeshadow colours inspired by our own, Naked Heat palette. With five matte shades for lid, crease and liner, plus one demi-matte highlighting shade, it has everything you need to create looks that range from soft and sultry to flat-out fire.”

It’s me in palette form! Except that the palette is tiny… so it’s me without high heels in palette form! This palette’s big sister had been calling my name ever since it launched so when the petite version arrived, it just added to my desire to give the Urban Decay store a visit. It’s a set of matte colours that would go perfectly with my eye colour, and summarise all the other colours I already have in my collection… which is probably why I haven’t bought it.

24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil –R230.00

“For beautiful, brightly coloured eyeliner, look no further than Urban Decay’s 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils. Long-lasting coloured liner that won’t budge. Line eyes with a hint of colour or go for the full artistic, multi-hued effect with the wide selection of lush tropical hues, deep metallics and unusually vibrant neutrals.”

I actually own two of these and I love them so much! I reach for them daily and find that their staying power is like no other liner I’ve tried. Their range is incredible, and you’ll definitely find all your usual favourites mixed among the bright pops of colour. I have wanted to expand my collection for a while now and maybe branch out into the purples for a more adventurous liner look.

What’s on your list for the next time you pop into Urban Decay? Have you tried any of the products mentioned above? If so, let me know your thoughts!


Disclaimer: All of the images used, as well as the quoted descriptions were taken from Urban Decay’s (recently launched) online store, and are therefore not my property.

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  • Siobhan Yeatman

    I’m dying to add the Petite Heat and Naked Heat to my collection. The Petite one would be so ideal for travelling, as you can define your eyes for a day time look, yet smoke it out for night time.
    Those 24/7 eye pencils are divine. I own one – the colour Alkaline, a beautiful plummy shade that brings out the green in my eyes. I need more. NEED.

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