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So Did It Work? The GrandeLASH-MD Review

A few weeks back I was sent Grande Cosmetics’ most sought after product, the GrandeLASH-MD lash enhancing serum. The lovely little gift was from Wendy, who is the South African distributor of the brand’s products (thank you Wendy!). While I did a breakdown of both Grande Cosmetics and the lash serum before (which I highly recommend that you read before proceeding), what’s the proof without some (picture) pudding?

Now I must admit, I struggle to stay faithful when it comes to beauty regimes. There’s too many new and exciting products to try, and I often forget what I’m supposed to be committing to. So its with a heck of an amount of pride when I say that I skipped THREE DAYS of application in EIGHT WEEKS! How’s that for consistency?

Without further delay, let’s jump into the results.

Before use (23rd April)

Let’s all be honest with each other. How many of you believe in these lash enhancing products? Because I don’t. Or should I say, didn’t. So I began the journey with hesitation. Nevertheless, I knew that if results did occur, they would require me to be super consistent. So I was.

(Also, I haven’t done my brows since I started with GrandeLASH-MD, so watch the progression of them too).

2 Weeks us (6th May)

I’d like to think my lashes look more spidery after two weeks. Am I being crazy? Or hopeful?

4 Weeks use (20th May)

I wish I had taken better pictures at this point, because I can’t really make a decision from just this one. The length of my lashes doesn’t seem to have changed much since week two, but I feel like the thickness/density has.

8 Weeks use (16th June)

Come on, I can’t be the only one that’s impressed? These are my lashes after a full eight weeks (without mascara, as in all of the other pictures). They’re longer, there’s more of them, I mean, they quite frankly look overgrown!

I can’t tell you how aware I am of the difference while I’m applying mascara. My lashes look almost comically long. Excessively long. And while I’m sure they’re not, it’s the way I knew there was a change.

You know when you get your brows done (like I should) and you run your fingers over the area and you are conscious of hair no longer being there because you are used to them being bushy? That’s how I feel running my fingertips over my lashes. I’m conscious of them not always having been this long. 

Final thoughts

In my original article on GrandeLASH-MD, I mentioned that I had been looking for an alternative to lash extensions. While they’re beautiful, I can’t justify R400 for a set, and another R300 just TWO WEEKS later for a fill.

I also don’t like the idea of loving the extensions, then having them fall out and being unhappy with my natural lashes. With the serum, the results are now permanent. Well, as permanent as my lashes are. Which means I don’t have to worry about any upkeep.

Personally, I’m super happy and impressed with the results. Lash extensions are a somewhat artificial looking, and would not be something I’d want every day. A growth serum is a perfect, happy middle ground for me.

I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on how big of a difference you truly think the GrandeLASH-MD serum made. Am I going crazy? Is it the power of suggestion? You tell me!






Disclaimer: While I was sent this item for free by the generous team at My Cherry Blossom Beauty, it was not in exchange for money, and I was not required to post, comment or advertise the product in any way.

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