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My Top 5 Apps for Blogging

Ever since I started blogging my eyes have turned into little rectangles from all the time I’ve spent staring at my phone screen. Between proof-reading my own articles, finding inspiration for new articles and catching up on all my social media platforms, it can be quite overwhelming. Luckily, I’ve sifted out the best apps for blogging, the ones that truly work and save me time and effort when preparing my content.


Of course. Instagram is by far the app I use most for my blogging. It’s where most of my following is, which means when I write a new post, that’s where I’m going to let people know that it’s up to read.

Instagram allows bloggers to spread their content in a tonne of different ways. You can post a picture of something that relates to your article, update your story or use hashtags to help people find information they may be looking for.

All this being said, the reason I love Instagram is that it allows me to interact with my followers, who in turn read my blog. This provides me with a way to gauge whether I’m writing what people want to read. Followers can send me private messages with questions or leave comments on my pictures to show me how interested they are in that topic. An app that allows for two-way communication is the best thing a blogger could have!


While Pinterest can also be used for sharing your content (a skill I have not yet mastered), I prefer it for finding inspiration. Writing three blogs a week (that’s always the plan), taking hundreds of photos a month, curating a perfect social media account and keeping followers interested often leaves a blogger feeling creatively-drained.  In comes Pinterest.

Every blogger needs an app that he or she can scroll through to get their creative juices flowing. Pinterest does this for me by allowing me to choose exactly what I want to see. My feed consists of blogging tips, branding ideas, beauty routines and a whole hoard of random but pretty pictures. After just a few minutes of scrolling, I can find inspiration for new articles, flat lays and marketing techniques.


Once a blogger has taken all of those beautiful pictures, they need an app to touch up, crop and adjust until those pictures are perfect for their blog or social media platforms. My top photo-editing app is Snapseed.

I like Snapseed because its interface is simple and easy to use. It also saves pictures in their original resolution, which is great for me as I use a DSLR camera. Snapseed allows you to change everything from orientation to saturation. It also has special features that can help you enhance the colour of selective elements of your photo or brighten only some areas of the image.


Bloggers often need a little more than pretty photos to make their brand stand out. Things like logos and media kits often require special fonts, or specific colours. This is where I find Phonto to be the best app for the job.

Phonto may seem a little basic, but I use it for very specific tasks. The app allows you to create an image of a size you can specify, where after you can also choose the colours by typing in the hex code. A hex code is a 6 digit representation of a colour, and can be very useful when you are trying to stick to a theme for your blog.

The plain images you create on Phonto can be used as is, or created as a background over which you can lay text. Another cool feature of Phonto’s is that you can download font files and use them in the app. Again, if your blog has a specific font that you are wanting to use on all of your logos, this app is perfect to keep everything cohesive.


Canva is AMAZING for bloggers! Ever see those fancy Pinterest covers and think a designer must have made them? Wrong! That person just used Canva.

This incredible app allows a blogger to customize just about anything they need for their social media platforms. From Facebook cover photos to blog graphics, you can really step up your content by using some of Canva’s templates, and just changing the colours to suit your needs.

While I find that Canva is easiest to use and most beneficial on the computer, the app is great for quick and easy content creation. Using professional looking banners, Instagram graphics and logos can take your blog a very long way.

While I think that these are the TOP 5 apps for a blogger to be using, I have a tonne more that I use for more specific purposes. If you would like to hear more about them, let me know in the comments!






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