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The Neutrogena Hydro Boost Range and the 5 Products I Tried

Anything bright, delicious-smelling or containing the word ‘hydro’ automatically has me sold. So you can imagine how quick I was to try Neutrogena’s Hydro Boost range that conveniently ticks all three boxes.

The newest collection from the well-known American skincare brand claims to “(replenish) water and (help) improve your skin’s moisture barrier”. This is all done through the inclusion of the ingredient that the range centres around: hyaluronic acid.

According to Neutrogena’s site, purified hyaluronic acid is

  • “naturally found in skin but is lost over time and needs to be replaced”
  • a “powerful hydrator that acts as a sponge for dry skin”
  • “absorbs up to 1000 times its weight in water”
  • “works to help keep skin feeling hydrated

Hydro Boost Cleanser Micellar Water 200ml

The first step in my cleansing routine would be to remove my makeup. As I find micellar waters far more convenient and environmentally friendly than makeup removing wipes, I was eager to compare the Hydro Boost micellar water to my current favourite from Garnier.

At about R100 for 200ml, it’s already more expensive than the Garnier micellar water, but over and above that, I don’t feel that it works nearly as well either. It gets absorbed much quicker into the cotton pad and doesn’t transfer well to the skin, so I end up using more product than I normally do.

It adequately removes makeup, and has a scent that I like, but doesn’t do enough to warrant a repurchase.

Hydro Boost Cleanser Water Gel 200ml

Next would be to cleanse my face with a gel/liquid wash. The Hydro Boost Cleanser Water Gel has the same pleasant scent as the rest of the range and creates a very foamy lather.  Honestly, I’m not very particular when it comes to cleansers as I focus more of my attention to later stages of my skincare routine, like applying serums and moisturisers.

It’s for this reason that I don’t have very much to say about this guy. It doesn’t dry out my skin or leave it feeling stripped of its natural oils. My face is sufficiently cleaned, and because the product has a good price point and comes in a convenient pump dispenser, I would definitely see myself repurchasing it.

Hydro Boost Exfoliating Cleanser

This was one of the products from the range that I enjoyed most. A good exfoliating scrub is difficult to find as they tend to either be too harsh or ineffective. The Hydro Boost Exfoliating Cleanser strikes the perfect balance. It’s gritty enough to provide a proper exfoliation of the skin, but doesn’t leave me with that taut feeling over my face from dehydration of the skin.

Most importantly though, IT DOESN’T CONTAIN MICROBEADS! Now you may remember that I have in the past, sang the praises of scrubs containing microbeads. That was then and this is now. Microbeads are the teeny tiny miniscule pieces of plastic that are used in our cosmetics for their exfoliating properties. As with all other types of plastic, they stick around for a long time after their intended job is done. Microbeads are such a big problem, that first world countries have begun to ban their use. Remember, its 2018, we take responsibility for our decisions now.

Hydro Boost Water Gel 50ml

The Hydro Boost Water Gel was another one of my top picks of the products that I tried. It’s comparable in texture to Clinique’s Moisture Surge moisturiser (but in performance, Clinique wins). This super thin gel absorbs immediately, making it convenient to apply other products on top, such as makeup or sunscreen.

One gripe I do have about the moisturiser is that I begin to experience dryness around my nose (where most of my dryness occurs) towards the end of the day. While this isn’t ideal, I must point out that there are two moisturisers in the Hydro Boost range, and this is the ‘least moisturisng’ of the two. The water gel is for oiler skin, while the gel cream is for dryer skin, so it is more of a case of me picking the wrong product than it is of the product I did choose not performing well.

Would I repurchase? No, I would rather try the gel cream first to see if it’s a better suit, but if I had oiler skin, then this would be a hands-down winner.

Hydro Boost City Shield Lotion SPF25 50ml

Another gem. The City Shield Lotion is a great product for those who are trying to incorporate sunscreen into their routine but dislike the thick, oily feel of traditional sun creams. With a medium sun protection factor, and a creamy, moisturising feel, this product is perfect for under makeup or for use on its own.

It’s a quick absorbing lotion that doesn’t leave a sticky or oily residue on the skin. If anything, I feel like my skin is better hydrated throughout the day after use of this product in the morning. Not only will I repurchase this, but if I had to recommend just one item from the range, it would be this guy.

What makes the Hydro Boost range such a winning line of skincare is that Neutrogena has begun to incorporate ‘higher tech’ ingredients into their products, ingredients that women are becoming increasingly aware of. Not only is this a first for a major ‘drugstore’ brand, but I hope it will be something that shifts the focuses of other brands to higher quality skincare ingredients.

What have you tried from Neutrogena’s Hydro Boost range? I’ve yet to pick up the eye cream and the facial wipes, but you can bet they are on my list.






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