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A Natural Recipe for Lush Locks

Remember when everyone on Pinterest was washing their hair with bicarbonate of soda and conditioning with apple cider vinegar? Well I unfortunately do, and it turned me against natural haircare ever since!

Then along came Lush and their beautiful, sweet-smelling range of shampoos and conditioners packed full of natural goodies. Lush uses only natural ingredients and ‘safe synthetics’ in their products This means that whatever synthetic ingredients are used, are not tested on animals. In fact, Lush has quite an extensive environmental policy. Their products are 100% vegetarian, cruelty-free and handmade. They are also committed to ethical buying (of their ingredients) and using 100% recycled plastic to make their signature black tubs.

After seeing Rachel from TopKnotch talk about the solid shampoo bars I had to find out more about this earth-friendly way of hair care. I picked up the solid shampoo bar in ‘Jason and the Argan Oil’ and the ‘American Cream’ conditioner and have been testing them out for a good three weeks. Here’s what I think!

Jason and the Argan Oil 55g – R115.00

You know that pungent Lush smell that hits you every time you come within a 1km distance from one of their stores? This little shampoo bar is what’s behind it. Jason and the Argan Oil is a little pink rose-smelling bar that Lush recommends for stronger, shinier, softer hair.

This haircare bar contains argan oil, Sicilian lemon oil and geranium oil to moisturise your locks and rose absolute to finish your wash off with a sugary smell.

I was apprehensive about shampoo bars because I felt like they would disappear very quickly, but this naturally good little fella stays firm without disintegrating in the hot water, meaning you only use as much as you need, without waste. Speaking of which, you do not need very much. I rub the bar on each side of my head, just above my temples, and this is sufficient to lather up all of my collarbone-length hair.

The result? Really impressive, shiny hair! The smell doesn’t last at all (sad), but I noticed softer hair after just a few washes!

American Cream 100g – R105.00

While American Cream does not fall into the package-less category that Lush is currently promoting, it does still qualify as haircare that flaunts a natural vibe. With ingredients such as vanilla pod infusion, fresh strawberries and English honey, it’s no wonder that this conditioner is compared to a milkshake.

What worried me initially about this product was that it is very thin upon application to wet hair. I’m a girl who loves the feel of creamy, thick, mask-like conditioners because I feel like it will result in soft hair. Maybe I’ve been wrong all this time, because despite this product’s texture, it leaves my hair incredibly soft and nourished.

You need only a R2 coin amount for your ends, and I promise that your tresses will be smooth and frizz-free.

Honestly, these two little items have completely changed how I see ‘natural’ haircare. Just because Lush products are not jam-packed with artificial, unpronounceable ingredients, doesn’t mean they are any less effective, in fact, it’s quite the opposite!  It would take a really great traditional shampoo and conditioner combo to steal my heart (and hair) back from Lush now!

What do you think of solid shampoos and conditioners? Would you give them a try?






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