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WoW Cosmetics’ Hidden Treasure

What is the only way a warm-toned palette with a perfect mix of mattes and shimmers could get better? Oh yes, if it was only R180.00. Cue the WoW Cosmetics All Eyes on Me palette.

I found the palette in a teeny tiny sliver of a shelf in Cresta’s Dischem. It sort of looked like the sale shelf but on it was stocked hidden treasure. There were two palettes, this one and another similarly toned one that had significantly more shimmers. WoW Cosmetics also stocks foundations, concealers, lipsticks and highlighters.

Now for how the shadows actually perform. The mattes are very powdery during application onto the brush, they seem to separate from the pan very easily and thus create a lot of fallout both in the palette and on your face.

All this being said, they still apply beautifully, without sticking to one place on your lid and refusing to blend. The blending is seamless and the pigmentation is the perfect mix of I-can-see-the-colour-I-applied and but-it-still-blends-perfectly-into-the-other-shades.

The shimmers are the real stars of the palette. The 6 shades are buttery soft and transfer amazingly from fingertip to eyelid. They do pack a lot of pigment, but don’t create a perfectly opaque swipe of colour (although they come pretty close).

My favourite colours from the palette are Capricorn, Salty, Chill and Obsessed, they come together to make a beautiful marron smoky eye.

Have you purchased any WoW Cosmetics products? What were your thoughts and where did you find them?!


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