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Get Glowin’ with L.A. Girl’s New Luminous Range

L.A. Girl did not start out as one of my favourite brands. In fact, I used to turn my nose up as I entered the Dischem beauty isle and swiftly walk past on my way to the Maybelline and L’Oréal shelves. But between the B.B. Cream and their cult favourite, the weird brushy concealers, L.A. Girl’s products have proved to be some of the best the ‘drugstore’ has to offer.

Their recent launch of the Luminous Glow range is no exception. I have fallen in love with not one but both of the new products. As the name suggests, the range is centred around bringing you a gorgeous, dewy, glowy, luminous complexion, and BOY does it.

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Luminous Glow Skin Illuminator – R79.95

So this was my first purchase from the range. It comes in three shades (a pearl, a gold and a bronze) and I naturally grabbed the colour closest to white. I often find that liquid highlighters are difficult for me to use because of how fair I am, they tend to leave a streak of pink/gold/silver that’s very visible on my pale skin, so a pearl colour lured me in immediately.

This illuminator is NOT a liquid highlighter though, well not by my standards at least. It’s much too thin and subtle to leave an impressionable highlight if applied over foundation. What it is incredible for, is a sparkly base for makeup to be applied on top of.

I use this as a ‘primer’ before adding foundation over it and it leaves the most beautiful luminous, dewy finish. I prefer dewy skin looks, so this is right up my alley. It doesn’t interfere with the how my foundation performs in terms of texture or lasting ability, but that’s fine, the finish it gives is SO worth skipping the primer.

Luminous Glow Illuminating Powder – R79.95

This is the second item I purchased. I’m stressing the order I bought these in because I actually went back to Dischem less than 12 hours after purchasing the first illuminator so that I could grab this one (nothing haunts us like the things we didn’t buy).

This is definitely not like their existing highlighters, it’s INCREDIBLY finely milled, and comes in a little shaker container with a sponge. It’s also violent. Potent. Aggressive. Whatever adjective you can think of to describe viciousness, it’s that. Maybe it’s just because I got the holographic, unicorn, fairy dust version, but I advise a light hand.

It’s such a great product. Really, I would love to see the other colours (a gold and a bronze) in person, because I imagine that they would be beautiful on deeper skin tones. The powder blends seamlessly, the shine lasts for hours and the powder doesn’t transfer as badly as the original L.A. Girl highlighters.

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Overall, a great new range from L.A. Girl, not a single miss amongst the hits. The products make me very excited to see what the brand has in store for future launches.

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  • Nisa

    I definitely think the liquid is better as a primer because it pulled off my foundation when I used it on top. The powder is just gorgeous. I also think it’s amazing quality and the price is insanely affordable

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